Joan DislerPlease click here to view an article discussing the notion that academia could borrow ideas from the corporate world regarding flexible policies for working mothers.  Joan Disler is quoted in the article in the following excerpt:

Joan Disler, an equity partner with law firm Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., is an example of someone in a similarly intensive profession who was able to arrange time to raise her small children while continuing to pursue a high-ranking position in her field. She said it was when the first of her two sons was 9 years old that she decided to spend more time at home raising her children.

When she was aspiring to make partner, Disler said she had hoped the firm where she worked at the time would allow her to reduce her hours in the office — with the thought that she would be able to return and pick up where she left off. The firm obliged.

“I have to tell you that during those years that made all the difference to me,” Disler said. “When I felt that I no longer wanted to reduce my hours, the firm helped me [get back on track].”

Disler said Epstein Becker & Green has a Women’s Initiative group designed to provide its female employees with networking resources and similar benefits. These resources are available to all women at the firm but can be especially valuable to those just returning from a maternity leave and looking to get back on track, Disler said.